Some Websites and Blogs I frequent

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Transparent Drawing

Kurt Ofer

Altonview Architects PC, NY

Socks Studio

Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli


Object Oriented Ontology

Graham Harman

I found Kurt Ofer's website, earlier this year during a research project. It has been so much fun reading through his blogposts. He advocates for his transparent drawings which are worth checking out.

This is a website with esoteric, detailed and well written articles from topics of architecture, art and cartography . I have to thank my friend Taruna for introducing me to this. 

I have followed Graham Harman's work on and off for the past few years. His philosophical exposition is easy to follow without dumbing it down too much which works out well for me, who is still getting a hold over introductory Speculative Realism.