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Museum of Archaeology


Proposal for a Museum of Archaeology in Ahmedabad next to Corbusier's Sanskar Kendra and Doshi's Tagore Hall. The site is adjacent to the city's riverfront project and is a first of its kind and scale. The idea of excavation is brought upon for the formation of the museum and to preserve the important urban qualities of the land. 

90° Axonometric Drawing

Negative of Excavation above the site


Excavation model

short form essay image.jpg

Initial sketch maquette for Landscape

Dhruv Mehta_ IX_UG1 plan.jpg

Underground 1 Plan

Major exhibition spaces and library

Isonometric Landscape Drawing

Office spaces, public garden, footbridge and amphitheatre 


Initial sketch maquette for Landscape

Dhruv Mehta_ IX_Final Model.jpg

Process Model

Dhruv Mehta_ IX_Exploded iso.jpg

Exploded Isonometric